Do you love any of the following?

  • Acting

  • Other types of performing*

  • Socializing

  • Interacting with new people

  • History

  • Improvising jokes

  • Standup

  • Making people laugh

  • Getting creative

  • New challenges

  • Fun venues

* Dancers usually become some of our best actors!
Red Herring® may be for you!

Red Herring® is not your usual theater company. We have a fabulous time using history (and its flaws) to interact with our audiences and ensure that all of us have a wonderful time! 

Don’t get us wrong, our particular brand of improv, developed over four decades, is not easy. Our independent contractors have only a few suggested line and character ideas, and the rest is up to them. They are smart, quick on their feet, and, above all, funny!

Red Herring® is dedicated to inclusivity and seeks to contract with actors of all ages, races, and gender identities. We welcome veterans and regularly use actors with a range of disabilities. We find the process of becoming a character extremely therapeutic!

If someone in history treated a group poorly, we are more than happy to MURDER them! And we’ll have a great time doing it!

“This group entertains and you can tell they enjoy working together. Wish we lived there so we could see every show. Or even become part of their group!” 
–Facebook review


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